Illuminated Photography | What to Wear

What to wear. . . 

Need some inspiration for clothing ideas? I am here to help :) 


Basic rules for everyone:

  1. coordinating = good
    matching = bad
    Basically I don’t want everyone to show up in matching white shirts and jeans!
  2. texture adds interest
    i.e. leather, ruffles, knits, etc
  3. fun shoes are always a hit!
    Just a reminder ladies: if you have open toes,
    make sure the toes are painted and pretty
  4. layers are also good.
    we can always remove that jacket or sweater and we have a whole other look!
  5. medium to dark colors are a safer bet to photograph well outside, but don’t let that limit you.
  6. no big logos/wording
  7. don’t forget accessories!
    hats, scarfs, jewelry, belts, etc.
    Just don’t wear all of them at once!
  8. color is your friend
    for families, pick 3-4 coordinating colors and stick within that color palette
    mix it up with different patterns and textures.
  9. if you are not sure, bring options and I will help you narrow them down
  10. most important:
    be yourself and let’s have fun!!!